Ludivine Morvan

I am a third year PhD student working in computer-aided prognosis with medical images, in Nantes (France).

In this website you will find my CV and publications but also, tutorials about different aspects of my work such as image processing, deep learning, and survival analysis.

About me

I graduated from ISBS Paris (Health and Biomedical engineering), in 2018 with bioinformatics/imaging and biomechanics/biomaterial specialities. You can find more details about my schooling, internships, and teaching experiences on my CV page.

When I don't work, I enjoy doing personal projects and volunteering. You can find more details about my projects in the About me page.

Current work

I am currently working as a PhD student at CRCINA (Centre de Recherche en Cancerologie et Immunologie Nantes Angers), INSERM, Nantes and at the LS2N (Laboratoire des Sciences du Numérique de Nantes) in the SIMS team since March 2018. The objective of my thesis is to do survival analysis and find biomarkers of multiple myeloma, a bone marrow cancer, using clinical data, PET images, and in the future CT-scans. Data come from the prospective and multicentric IMAJEM [Moreau et al., 2017] and EMN02 studies [Nanni et al., 2018]

I first worked with the Random Survival Forests (RSF) [Ishwaran et al.,2008] and radiomics to predict the progression free survival of patients and find relevent biomarkers [Morvan et al., 2019].

Now, I am adapting deep learning to survival analysis and to our data. Some works exist but none of them with multiple myeloma, and they are not suitable for small PET images of lesions.

More details in the publication page and in the Current work page.